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CHAPTER: Charlotte, NC

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Exploring! Meeting new people, eating new food and visiting new places.

DAY JOB: Senior Relationship Manager in the Center of Excellence at TIAA

I was first introduced to the BOLD Betties during my solo cross-country road trip last year. While at the REI Outessa event in Powder Mountain, UT, I had the pleasure of meeting an Alpha Betty and Chapter Leader from Fort Collins, Co (Jessie!!!). It didn't take much explaining and background to hook, line, and sinker me into becoming more involved. While the thought of being a chapter leader was intimidating, I knew I wanted to devote more time towards helping women build themselves up and get outside more. I just knew I had to let everyone else in on this hidden gem.


Betty Blog

Bold Betties on Ice by Bernadette Murphy

Bold Betties on Ice by Bernadette Murphy

Today is my first full-day intermediate ice-climbing clinic and I’m terrified. So rather than strapping on my crampons, cinching tight my climbing harness, and striding confidently over to where we’re supposed to meet our guide, I hang out at the fire pit and try to warm both my hands and...

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I Will Show You Mine If You Just Let Me! PLEASE!!!

I Will Show You Mine If You Just Let Me! PLEASE!!!


A few nights ago and quite unexpectedly, we received a message from a guy (let's call him Adam) in Salt Lake City.  We thought he was just being a prankster but nope, he was serious! We had a little bit of fun until...

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Always Pack Your Adventure Shoes

Always Pack Your Adventure Shoes

In my many travels through the beautiful state of Washington, I've noticed that there are an almost infinite number of places to park and take a hike through some breathtaking forests and rivers. Even areas that aren't officially national park (and there is a lot of national park),...

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