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Bold Betty


CHAPTER: Boulder, CO

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Speeding down a mountain on skis or a mountain bike. Singing. Making people laugh.

DAY JOB: Writer/Editor + Jazz Singer

I try to follow my intuition. And it's told me to do some crazy things: move to St. Petersburg, Russia, pursue a singing career in a foreign country, be a DJ, go to grad school at age 32. I think the quote that best sums up my life so far is from writerly libertine and all-around lusty woman, Anaïs Nin: "'And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." All the best things I've done in my life have been scary and hard, but not as hard as sitting on the sidelines and not doing them. I love high-adrenaline pursuits because I get as far out of my head as possible and into my body. My imperfectly perfect body has taken me to some amazing places – places that people with ideal bodies have been too afraid to go. I believe that the outdoors is for everyone regardless of gender, size, age, race, sexual orientation, or background. So what if you can't hike as fast as a skinny, white girl with thousands of followers on Instagram? Do it at your own pace. Do it for you. F@#k the haters. They're scared as hell of you.


Betty Blog

Glamping in Moab, Redefined!

Glamping in Moab, Redefined!

Channel your inner she-wolf and “re-wild” yourself during one of our upcoming Moab trips. Tiffany Moyer of Wild Sol will be guiding three custom retreats for us that are designed to strengthen your relationship with your spirit and the natural world.

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Colorado the Beautiful

Colorado the Beautiful

By: Jessica Vernon


It happens every time. The nostalgia. Memories flooding back, washing down the mountain threatening to overflow through my eyes. 


I love this place. So much it hurts sometimes. 


Road trips to the mountains always have a way of turning into a therapy session of...

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So You Want to Climb a Mountain?

So You Want to Climb a Mountain?

What it’s really like to stand 19,341 feet above the sea level on the Roof Africa and what can you do to get yourself atop Kilimanjaro too.

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