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DAY JOB: Recreation Enthusiast

Being a female flyfisher lady I come across loads of adversity both on and off the river. I most recently ran a fly fishing outfitter and shop in a small town in Montana. When I was out on the river men left and right would turn and look at me and wonder why there was a woman out there and when I was in the shop men would come in and wonder if the was a shop boy that could help them. Nearly everyday I came across this. Men would call and ask how the river was fishing and they would hear my voice and say oh is there anyone else I can talk to about it? None the less I rose above it. I figured if I knew more than them and could teach them something than they would respect me. I learned how to select flies like a pro, row a drift boat, hook up the trailer, tow it with my car and even back it up flawlessly. I taught all sorts of people about floatants, leaders, knots, different types of fly line, and where the good spots to catch all the fish. At the end of the day we are all out there to catch fish, enjoy nature and have a great day. It doesn't matter how we get there, we just do. If you have always wanted to try something new like fly fishing don't be afraid. We all had to start somewhere and we all sucked in the beginning, though many will not admit it, but we did suck and you get better and better every time you get out there. Then one day you look back and see how far you've come.


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How to be an Ally to a Person of Size in the Outdoors

How to be an Ally to a Person of Size in the Outdoors

By Jennifer Davis-Flynn

Next time you’re hiking the trails, mountain biking, paddling, skiing…take a look around. Who do you see? Does everyone look the same?

Outdoor brand catalogs and enthusiast magazines show us countless images of young, white, skinny yoga chicks, ripped female climbers, and a whole lotta dudes. And,...

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How to Perfectly Pack Your Suitcase

How to Perfectly Pack Your Suitcase

By Elisa Hindes

Nowadays it pays to be frugal when packing your suitcase for travel.  Be it for work or for fun, it’s likely you’re going to be paying for that suitcase and you need to maximize your space. Work related travel is often easier because it’s brief...

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Glamping in Moab, Redefined!

Glamping in Moab, Redefined!

Channel your inner she-wolf and “re-wild” yourself during one of our upcoming Moab trips. Tiffany Moyer of Wild Sol will be guiding three custom retreats for us that are designed to strengthen your relationship with your spirit and the natural world.

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