The Many Benefits of Outdoor Adventures

November 19, 2014

If you’re looking to improve your health or build your self esteem you’ll find this and more waiting for you on outdoor adventures.

Elisa Hindes

Are you someone who likes to take risks and lives life on the edge?  While there are some people who like to jump out of planes, an adrenaline fueled lifestyle isn’t for everyone.  Many simply prefer the familiar safety of home and don’t spend much time pushing their boundaries.  At Bold Betties Outfitters we’re firmly rooted in the belief that outdoor adventures are a great way for women to not only enjoy life, but to improve their own health and well-being.

This doesn’t mean that you have to start with bungee jumping.  There are many outdoor adventures to enjoy that are a little more grounded; you could start with hiking.  In this area there are many, many places for hiking, and they’re not all fourteeners, trails for beginners are plentiful!

Now that winter in Colorado is settling in, you could also try cross country skiing or snowshoeing.  Not only are these great forms of exercise, they’re done at a more relaxed pace than flying down the slopes.  How about a horseback ride?  Dude ranches and other places that offer horseback rides always have horses suited for beginners and this is a great way to enjoy nature and a have a new experience.  There’s also fishing and fly fishing, biking, camping, and kayaking.

Just in case you aren't already convinced, here are some of the benefits of having your own outdoor adventures.

outdoor adventures

  1. It’s great for your health.There are all kinds of health benefits to any kind of physical activity, even something as simple as taking a walk in the park. Going outside and getting your heart rate going and working up a sweat is always a good idea!
  2. Helps you appreciate nature. What better way to enjoy all the beauty and diversity that Mother Nature has to offer than by going outside and discovering it for yourself.
  3. Builds your confidence. There is great power, particularly for women, in doing things that you thought you couldn’t do.  When you conquer your fears and get a taste for success you build your confidence, not just with outdoor adventures, but for life in general.
  4. Prepares you for dealing with life’s surprises. None of us knows what challenges lie ahead of us in life.  Facing your fears and persevering even when things don’t go as planned can help you better handle those bumps in the road.
  5. Forces us to enjoy the moment. Our lives are busy and over-stimulated.  We’re multi-tasking all day, shifting our focus constantly and generally moving as fast as we can all the time.  Enjoying outdoor adventures forces us to be rooted in the moment and enjoy the experience, building amazing memories to enjoy for years to come.


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