Don’t Let Winter Stop Your Outdoor Adventures in Colorado

December 08, 2014

If you’re looking to enjoy winter doing something other than skiing, consider these unique outdoor adventures in Colorado.

Elisa Hindes

It seems like we only just started to enjoy the cool, sunny days of fall when the cold reality of winter rushed in to spoil our fun.  The days may be shorter now, and we’re dressing in a lot more layers, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate.  There are still plenty of outdoor adventures in Colorado to enjoy this winter.

When you think of winter in the Rocky Mountains of course your first thought is going to be skiing.  Every year locals and tourists alike take to the slopes to enjoy the legendary powder.  But maybe you’re looking for fun winter activities that don’t involve ski resorts and chair lifts.  Don’t worry because you still have plenty of options.

When you want to stay active and enjoy nature despite the cold weather, here are some ideas for alternative outdoor adventures in Colorado that don’t involve skis.  Be sure to check out the Bold Betties Meetup Group if you’re interested in joining us on any of our adventures.  And Bold Betties Outfitters has you covered for any gear you may need.

  • Dog Sledding – This is quickly becoming a very popular outdoor adventure in Colorado. There are dog sledding tours available in many mountain towns including Vail and Steamboat Springs.  What a unique way to see the snow covered countryside, while being pulled by a pack of twelve highly trained dogs.
  • Ice Climbing – If scaling a frozen waterfall is your idea of the perfect outdoor adventure in Colorado, you should visit the mountain town of Ouray. It is well known for ice climbing and even holds the annual Ouray Ice Festival every January.
  • Ice Fishing – If you have the proper outdoor gear and a lot of patience, you might want to try ice fishing and hook a rainbow trout or walleye. Some of the best spots in Colorado include Chatfield Reservoir, Trinidad Lake, Granby Lake, and 11 Mile Reservoir.
  • Snowmobile Tours – You won’t have a hard time finding a tour company, this is a very popular activity. Imagine enjoying the back country scenery and a fast paced, thrilling snowmobile ride at the same time!
  • Snowshoeing – Peace, tranquility and amazing scenery are waiting for you amongst the miles and miles of trails perfect for snowshoeing. It’s also a low impact workout and burns twice as many calories as walking.

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