Get Your Kids Involved in Outdoor Adventure Travel

December 17, 2014

It’s not just for adrenaline junkie adults; outdoor adventure travel is also great for kids.

outdoor adventure travel

by Elisa Hindes

It’s no secret that many children today are leading more sedentary lives.  Things have changed significantly in the last generation.  Many of us grew up playing outside most of the day, but too often now kids are glued to the television, video games, or their smart phones and computers.  What better way to teach kids the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle than by getting them involved in outdoor adventure travel.

Including the kids in activities like hiking, white water rafting, and mountain biking, is not only great for their health, but also helps build their self-confidence and gives them a greater appreciation for nature and the world around them. 

There are a lot of great outdoor adventure travel options for families.  It’s a booming segment of the travel industry and more places are offering specials trips designed to keep the kids active and engaged.  Imagine leaving your overscheduled lives behind and taking a family trip to a remote fishing lodge in Alaska for a week of fishing, hiking and nature watching! 

Here are some great resources for kid friendly outdoor adventure travel, maybe you’ll find something perfect for your family.

REI Famiy Adventures  

Western River Expeditions

Wildland Adventures

Have Children Will Travel



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