Travel Safety Tips for Women

February 11, 2015

If you’re embarking on the trip of a lifetime you don’t want it ruined by pickpockets or tourist scams.  These simple travel safety tips for women can help ensure your vacation is safe and rewarding.

by Elisa Hindes

Travel is perhaps one of life’s greatest pleasures, but unfortunately it can also turn into a disaster.  Nothing will ruin your fabulous vacation faster than a stolen wallet or falling prey to some kind of tourist scam.  While some destinations pose more risks than others, you definitely need to keep safety in mind no matter where you travel.  Women, particularly when traveling alone, need to remind themselves to be careful and not get overwhelmed by unknown territory and unfamiliar faces.  Keep these important travel safety tips for women in mind when planning and enjoying your next big trip.

Do Your Research

The saying “the best defense is a good offense” can also be applied to travel.  Prior to your departure do plenty of research on your destination and any tours you may have arranged.  This includes looking for travel advisories specific to that location, reading on-line reviews, and consulting with your travel agent if you’re using one.  You want to be aware of any popular scams that are common in the area and how to avoid them.  If you are using any tour groups or guides be sure to research them specifically to ensure they are legitimate and safe.

Be Prepared for the Worst

Bring copies (or e-mail them to yourself) of your important items like passport, identification, credit cards, and a list of important contact numbers, including your financial institutions, and keep them someplace safe.  In the event that you lose any of these items you’ll still have access to the information.  Make sure at least one person has your complete itinerary and contact information for each place you’re staying.

Don’t Look or Act Like a Target

Women, especially those who look overly “touristy” or wealthy, may be perceived as easy targets for thieves and others scammers.  Don’t wear or carry expensive or flashy items like jewelry, purses and sunglasses.  And if you have expensive camera equipment keep it stored when you’re not using it; don’t hang your fancy camera from your neck.

Always Pay Attention

An important part of travel is, of course, to immerse yourself in your surroundings and “unplug” from life.  But while you’re taking in the beauty and having new adventures, be careful not to let your guard down.  Trust your intuition; if something feels wrong or seems too good to be true, it probably is.  Try not to get too distracted, especially in crowds, as this is often a technique employed by those who want to take advantage of tourists.  Make smart choices and keep your wits about you.  Don’t go on an unplanned trip to an area that may be dangerous or remote and be wary of strangers who seem overly friendly or helpful.

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