Get to Know Bold Betties Member, Lisa Brown

February 23, 2015

By Elisa Hindes
Lisa Brown, Bold Betties Member

At Bold Betties Outfitters we’re not just providing women with the outdoor gear they need to have amazing adventures, we’re also a group of women who enjoy going on adventures together right here in Colorado.  In fact, we got our start as a Meetup group (now over 800 members strong) with the goal of meeting new friends and challenging ourselves to get outside our comfort zone.

One of our first members (she thinks she was number 20) was Lisa Brown.  Lisa was born and raised in Vermont, but has lived in Colorado for 23 years.  She came to our beautiful state from Florida after being displaced by Hurricane Andrew and says that the devastating natural disaster was actually the best thing that ever happened to her because it brought her here.

Lisa works as a collections manager and has been in her current position for 10 years.  She loves to travel and one of her most memorable vacations was a three week long road trip with her son and daughter.  Lisa says that she’s always had a bit of the adventure bug in her, but joining the Bold Betties Meetup group definitely awakened it.  She loves that this group has consistently been such a positive and enjoyable experience.  While taking weekend trips with strangers could potentially present some challenges, Lisa reports that she always makes friends, has a lot of fun, and really enjoys the support and encouragement that the women give one another.  The fact that there’s never any pressure, intimidation or drama makes the Bold Betties group very special to her.

Lisa has always led an active lifestyle along with her children.  They both played multiple sports while growing up and still remain active now.  She says her son was a big source of inspiration to her after he fell 40 feet from a chairlift and broke his back.  The doctors told him that as long as he did everything they told him to do he’d be back on the slopes the following season, and sure enough he was.  He overcame the obstacles to get back where he wanted to be and that taught them both an important lesson.

Lisa says her personal mission statement is, “To live every day to the fullest because when it’s my last, I don’t want to regret.”  Through the difficult experiences in her marriage and consequent divorce she learned a lot and offers this advice to women who may be struggling in their own relationship, “Don’t ever let anyone take your happiness away.”  She believes that happiness spreads, “The happier I am, the happier my friends and family are.”

Lisa Brown is a great example of what the Bold Betties are all about; camaraderie and personal growth through sharing outdoor adventures with other like-minded women.  You can get to know a little more about Lisa through her Q & A session.

Q.  What is your most memorable outdoor adventure?

A.  Zip lining in Costa Rica in the rain forest. It was honestly the most exhilarating experience to date!  To add to it, I was with my then 15-year-old-son and as I stood on the platform, so terrified, he said to me, “You can do this mom, you can do anything!”

Q.  What are three of your favorite outdoor adventures in Colorado?

A.  Climbing my first 14’er (which I just did in August), camping with my children, and ATV riding in Red Feathers (seeing a side of Colorado you can’t see by car).

Q.  What item do you consider indispensable on your outdoor adventures?

A.  If I’m hiking it’s my boots, if it’s camping I have to have my air mattress.

Q.  Tell me about a time when you overcame a particular challenge or fear.

A.  Becoming a single mom of two younger children and having to return to work full time. I had been married for many years to a controlling person, who made every decision for me.  The fear of being responsible not only for my decisions but my children as well was terrifying.  I not only went back to work full time, I attended college for the first time at age 36 and received my bachelor’s degree at 41!

Q.  Who are some of your female role models, both while growing up and currently?

A.  My mom has always and will always be my most important role model. My father walked off and left her with five children ranging in age from 4 to 14.  My mom was a rock, keeping us together, fed, a roof over our heads, and instilling in us the proper values of life.  I also admire Betty White, she has proven that it does not matter how old you are, if you set your mind to doing something you can do it and have a blast at the same time! 

Q.  Who do you think is currently doing a great job of being a positive role model for today’s young girls?

A.  That is so hard to answer but I would have to say Taylor Swift. She is always classy, has time for her fans, does good for others, and never forgets where she came from.  I currently do not have any young ladies in my life, to see who they think is a good role model.

Q.  What are the top three things still left on your bucket list?

A.  Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, bike in Ireland and spend the night in every state in the U.S. (I have 11 left).

Q.  If you could ask just one question of any woman in history, what would it be and who would you ask?

A.  I would love to have a discussion with Amelia Earhart, but to limit it to one question is very challenging. It amazes me that she accomplished so much in a field that was so unknown at her time, and did it all on her own.  My question would be, “What or who motivated you to learn how to fly and attempt an unknown adventure?”

Thanks Lisa for being a part of the Bold Betties family!

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