How to Perfectly Pack Your Suitcase

How to Perfectly Pack Your Suitcase

September 20, 2017

By Elisa Hindes

Nowadays it pays to be frugal when packing your suitcase for travel.  Be it for work or for fun, it’s likely you’re going to be paying for that suitcase and you need to maximize your space. Work related travel is often easier because it’s brief and you don’t need a wide variety of items.  But if you’re headed for a fabulous vacation chances are you have a long packing list.  Here’s some easy tips to help you perfectly pack your suitcase, so you can make the most of your trip.

    Plan ahead and make lists

    Think about your trip day by day and exactly what you’re going to need.   Write down exact numbers for everything, such as 6 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of jeans, etc.  Don’t forget items like phone and laptop chargers, any special equipment for planned activities, toiletries and travel documents.

    Plan on repeating outfits or articles of clothing.

    Save precious space by wearing the same thing on the flight there and back home. If you’re taking a long trip and going somewhere that you’ll have access to laundry service or washing machines you should plan on using it. A few rules of thumb when packing is 3 pairs of shoes (two casual and one formal), two fewer shirts than total days in the trip, a pair of jeans for every other day and slacks or other pants just as needed.  Of course you will have to customize your packing list to the specific needs of your trip.

    Pack the right clothes.

    Consider the climate of the area you’re visiting, your planned activities, and of course check the weather report.  You want to be prepared and avoid trips to the mall, but you also do not want to over pack your suitcase.

    Pack smart.

    Fitting everything into the suitcase takes the right technique.   Pack the heaviest items, such as shoes (stuff your socks inside them), first and the lightest will go on the top, usually your toiletry bag.  Rolling up all your items, rather than folding them, will save a lot of space.  Put bulky items like pants and sweaters in the corners in the corners of the bag in order to distribute weight evenly.  If you have more formal clothing that needs careful handling, fold them gently and place those on the top of all the rolled items. 

    Now that you are prepared to perfectly pack your suitcase all you have to do is concentrate on enjoying your trip!


    Katherine Clock

    Katherine Clock said:

    I travel globally and have a couple more insights to add.
    I carry a small zip lock bag for a personal first aid kit. I take a smaller bag in my purse while walking/touring. This includes ibuprofren, Pepto tablets, antihistamines, and multiple sized bands aids. I’ve helped many travelers needing help in awkward situations.

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