Get to Know Bold Betties Member, Vykky Maroney

March 31, 2015

Among the many, many wonderful members of Bold Betties is Vykky Maroney, a Denver entrepreneur, mother of five children and grandmother of two beautiful baby girls.  Vykky grew up in North Dakota but later moved to Nevada.  In the late 80’s she had the choice to move to either Denver, Los Angeles or Chicago.  Vykky chose Denver (smart woman!) and has been enjoying the Mile High lifestyle ever since.

Vykky was a stay at home mom for 22 years.  After divorcing she decided to start her own company.  It was challenging, but she chose to push through all the adversity so that she could be self-employed.  She currently owns a cleaning company, but also works as operations manager for a larger cleaning company that she does not own.

Vykky has always enjoyed the outdoors and an active lifestyle, even while raising her children.  Now she only has one daughter left with her at home, the rest are grown and have moved out, and she is taking this time to go out and enjoy life, “And not wallow is what I don’t have."  Some of the outdoor adventures that she enjoys includes kayaking, camping and hiking.

When asked about her personal motto, Vykky says, “Live, love, laugh.  And also dance like nobody is watching.”  Vykky believes that laughter is key, “You only have one life to live, laugh a lot because it isn’t worth being miserable.”

Vykky has been a member of Bold Betties since the beginning and has enjoyed every single activity that she joined.  “No matter what we’re doing, we’re having a great time,” says Vykky of her experiences with the group.  She particularly appreciates that the group focuses on enjoying one another’s company and encouraging each other, and that there isn’t any drama or gossiping.  She credits founder Niki Koubourlis with creating this atmosphere of comradery.  “Niki set the precedent for the group from the beginning.  She wanted to build women up, to help them realize their value and their identity.”

When it comes to Bold Betties, she is thankful for the support and encouragement she has received from fellow members and is impressed by the diversity of the group.  “You can be any age, lifestyle or from any walk of life, Bold Betties is for everyone,” says Vykky.

Thanks Vykky for being a part of this amazing group of Bold Betties!  We look forward to going on more outdoor adventures with you!  Get to know a little more about Vykky in the Q & A session.

Q.  What is your most memorable outdoor adventure?

A.  Kayaking down the Colorado River for two days. Learning how and what to pack, relating to all kinds of women’s personalities, celebrating our differences and using each other’s talents, gifts and intelligence to make it.

Q.  What/where are three of your favorite outdoor adventures in Colorado?

A.  With the Bold Betties group camping at Steamboat Springs and the Color Me Rad Run. And hiking fourteeners.

Q.  What item do you consider indispensable on your outdoor adventures and why?

A.  The dry bags because it’s so important to have your clothes and gear with you and dry for survival.

Q.  Tell me about a time when you overcame a particular challenge or fear.

A.  Zip lining because I was terrified of heights. But I had to talk myself into the reality that the equipment was functional, that I’m going to enjoy myself and be glad that I didn’t back out.  I went for it but it was the starting point for more adventures.

Q.  Who are some of your female role models, both while growing up and currently?

A.  My grandma and aunt for overcoming severe adversity to thrive. And currently all of the women who choose not to allow the adversity in their life to stop them from living; it is a great reminder.           

Q.  Who do you think is currently doing a great job of being a positive role model for today’s young girls?

A.  Colbie Caillat for choosing to be naturally beautiful and to use her status for sending a message to all girls to be themselves, and to accept and allow other girls to be themselves and to celebrate them. I do my best with my two girls.

Q.  What are the top three things still left on your bucket list?

A.  Kayak the Grand Canyon. Jump out a plane on my 50th and my daughter’s 16th (we share birthdays).  Be a speaker at women’s events so I can encourage and empower them to be themselves, that they are enough and to find it and live it.

Q.  If you could ask just one question of any woman in history, what would it be and who would you ask?

A.  For some reason Eleanor Roosevelt comes to mind. Maybe because she was a strong woman during a very difficult era in many ways.  I would ask her how she was able to be herself, stay herself and speak her mind throughout it all.


Kim Kirmmse Toth

Kim Kirmmse Toth said:

After talking with you today Vykky, and reading all this I think we have oh so much in common!

I want to kayak the Grand Canyon too!

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