How to Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

April 07, 2015

Human beings are creatures of habit.  We stick to the familiar because it decreases our stress and we want to maintain a certain level of comfort.  Sometimes when we push ourselves and things don’t go right it leads us to believe that we were wrong to try and that we should stay within our comfort zone. And so we do stay there, complacent with our predictable, normal routine.  It’s not that routine is inherently bad, it’s just that the saying is true, all the magic really does happen outside your comfort zone.

At Bold Betties we are driven by the desire to help women get outside their comfort zone and we have all the outdoor adventure gear that they need to do it!  But taking those big steps into the unknown is about much more than just finding the equipment you need for your first hiking trip.  It’s about mentally challenging yourself and finding the motivation and strength to do something you’ve never done before.  Here is how you can practice getting outside your comfort zone in simple ways in your everyday life.


  1. Change your routine in small ways. This will help you get comfortable with the idea of getting outside your comfort zone.  Take a new route to work, try a new cuisine or order something besides your “usual,” or switch sides of the bed that you sleep on.
  2. Take lessons in something that you’re interested in. Have you always wanted to learn how to sew, knit, speak another language or take photographs?  Stop thinking about it and sign up for that class!
  3. Meditate for 15 minutes every day. Practice clearing your mind and just being present in the moment.
  4. Do something by yourself. Get comfortable being alone by going to a movie, lecture, museum or art exhibit, or take yourself out to lunch someplace new.
  5. Say hello to strangers. Not talking to strangers has become the norm in modern society.  Do something different and greet everybody you see on your morning walk with a friendly “Hello,” ask the barista making your drink how he/she is doing, or reach out to that neighbor you usually ignore in the elevator.
  6. Admit you were wrong. Nobody likes to be wrong, let alone own up to it when it happens.  Rather than trying to make an excuse or pass the proverbial buck, next time you’re wrong just offer a sincere and simple, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.”
  7. Ask the question that you’ve been avoiding. Maybe you’ve been wanting to talk to your boss about a raise, or perhaps you’ve wanted to ask someone out on a date.  Quit delaying and just ask the question.  Even if the answer you get isn’t the one you were hoping for, there is great power in taking a risk and realizing that life goes on even when things don’t work out quite right.

If you live in the Denver area and want to get outside your comfort zone with other like-minded women, join the Bold Betties Meetup group.  We're here to help make the magic happen!

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