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December 02, 2015

The co-founding Bold Betties have gone through a bit of a metamorphosis this fall. We were accepted into the global startup accelerator Boomtown in Boulder, CO.  Think Shark Tank, but 3 months long, and nicer. Mostly. ; ) With Boomtown’s help and a ton of mentors and advisors, we are building on what Niki started and taking Bold Betties to the next level. Our journey with Boomtown comes to an end as we prepare for our pitch at Demo Day tomorrow at the Boulder Theater- wish us luck!

Bold Betties began as a Meetup group of women exploring the outdoors. And we’re still that at our core. But we’re learning so much about what our larger mission is: to change the face of adventure by getting more women outside and overcoming the barriers that prevent them from doing it on their own. The profound impact our adventures have had on all of us was way too magical not to share it with others.

Part of our curriculum this fall included a lot of brand identity exercises. SO. MANY. EXERCISES. Like all branding goals, we were pushed to define an age group, a demographic, a persona. We hemmed, we hawed, we argued, we made up. And the driving questions was: What is a Bold Betty?

Bold Betties are women from all walks of life. We come in all shapes, colors, ages, and skill sets. Some are married, some aren’t. Some are wealthy, some are scraping by, some are in the middle. So what do they all have in common?

A hunger.

A hunger for adventure. For fulfillment. For pushing boundaries and learning something new. That adventure comes in many forms, but it always delivers a transformative experience. And the experience is best when it is with other women that are doing the same. We thrive in tribes and we feed off the support and accomplishment of others as well as ourselves. We believe we’re all at our best when connected to nature, ourselves, and others and when we’re part of something bigger. We respect the wild and what it teaches us…and we respect ourselves and others more when we explore it. And we absolutely adore how the restorative power of nature helps us find ourselves when we’re adrift.

We respect wild things. Especially when they’re us.

As we moved through this process, we thought of symbols and mascots to represent Bold Betties. No easy task. The possibilities were as varied as the women that we know and love in this community. What we kept coming back to is that each and every one of you is BOLD in your own way. Each and every one of you push yourselves to find your BOLD when you need it. We push each other to find this BOLD. Because we know that is what makes us stronger, more confident, more successful, more everything. We know that some primitive cultures believe in spirit animals and since we are a tribe, we thought it only fitting to have a totem of our own. We absolutely fell in love with:

    The fox is a powerful spirit animal and known for its guiding wisdom, especially in the dark and wild. The fox helps provide the sharpest solution to any problem, especially when lost or trying to find your way. She is also known for cunning, wit and intelligence. She is crafty and she is adaptable and resourceful in getting through obstacles. She reminds us to use all of our resources in order to achieve our goals and stay aware of our surroundings. The fox challenges and may be a little tricky, so it is important to keep a sense of humor with her. The red in the fox symbolizes passion, expression and desire…and that we are. We can’t help but think of the fox when we are in the wild…she is guiding us, reminding us to stay alert, challenged, and crafty.  After all, that fox is within all of us- we just have to listen to her.

      Our goal is to be that spirit animal for our Bold Betties, reminding all of you that the fox is within you as well. Together, let’s get out there.

      Much thanks and love to all of our mentors, advisors, Boomtown cohort, friends, family and most of all, our Bold Betties, who all know what the fox says! ; )





      Leah said:

      Love the fox!


      Gayle said:

      “We respect wild things. Especially when they’re us.”
      This is a defining statement, and speaks to me LOUDLY! And, your choice of the red fox is spot-on.
      Great work, Bold Betties. You totally nailed this branding exercise. I just found you recently, and am so glad I did. Looking forward to seeing what is next on your journey!


      Shae said:

      That description of our totem moved me to tears! Love it!

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