How the Outdoors Got Us to Startup Land

December 15, 2015

We talk a lot about adventure, challenges, and pushing our limits around here. While most of those activities take place outdoors, we know that our experiences outside prep us for the daily and life challenges that often take place inside.  While our experiences in the wild have pushed us and molded us in so many physical ways, it is what it does on the inside that is the most transformational.  When we reap the rewards of these experiences, it is utterly life-changing. 

As many of you know, this fall, Bold Betties was accepted into a global startup accelerator in Boulder, CO.  The program is designed to take everything you think you know about your business and break it down to the point where you prove every single assumption you have about what you think you are already an expert in.  It is fast and furious, exhilarating and exhausting, high and low, and everything in between.  We feel so fortunate to have been a part of this amazing experience and to have such an incredible group of people helping us mold the future of Bold Betties.  But man, did we have to tap into some serious survival skills and lessons that we’ve learned outside to get us to the point we are at today.  In fact, we know for certain that we would not be taking this leap into startup land had we not found our mojo out there.  Thanks, cliffs, rapids, wheels, climbs, and peaks.  We heart you.

We'd love to share the pinnacle of this amazing journey with you from our recent Boomtown Demo Day.  We could not possibly be where we are without destroying our comfort zones, challenging ourselves beyond all recognition, and mostly, the genuine inspiration, friendship, and support from our Bold Betties community.


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