So How Are Those Resolutions Going?

So How Are Those Resolutions Going?

February 02, 2016

Yeah, yeah…we know. Resolutions Shmesolutions.  We sort of wondered how many people stayed inside on this Colorado snow day and got obliterated on old wine since they have all been on the wagon for a month.

Or maybe you’ve been Planet Orange-ing Fitness Theorizing or whatever. (Patience, Regulars, everyone will be clearing out soon and you can have your playthings back to yourself! ; )

Or maybe you stopped swearing (people do this)…well, let ‘er rip because we all discovered on the facebooks recently that cursing means you are smarter.  EINSTEINS OVER HERE!!! Einstein as a Girl


We hereby name February 2nd “Indulge Day” (2/2 because we had a lot of meetings Monday and gave one grace day of staying on track).  Especially if you’ve been eating dandelions, cayenne peppers, and lemon juice for a month.  Only 25% of people that make a resolution last after 1 week, as studies have shown.  Beyond that, the odds are pretty small that January Promises bring February Valentines Dates…wait, er, something like that…

Look, we don’t mean to rain on your well-intentioned parade (Happy Mardi Gras, by the way!), and it’s not that we don’t all have to make sacrifices to achieve our goals.  We do that in every aspect of our lives (we certainly know that in terms of our own physical achievements, relationship commitments, and entrepreneurial goals).  It’s really just how we look at the bigger picture. Because whatever you gave up or whatever you are trying to change…one thing that February reminds us all of (nauseatingly so, sometimes) is LOVE.  We think the most important thing that you can do with your body, mind, and soul is to show it LOVE (yes, we mean that in ALL the ways). Loving yourself, we all know, is the healthiest path to loving others, your world, your everything. We also know that it is the hardest love to obtain (so many double entendres today).

So in honor of Detox January, Lovey Love Love February, and Celebrating our Imperfection, here are five things we remind ourselves of daily to keep on keepin’ on with those goals.

  1. Cut Yourself Some Slack

Remember, when you have a blip on the radar, don’t beat yourself up and give up and throw in the towel and go down the rabbit hole of BINGE HELL. 

We know all too well how easy it is, when the merde hits the fan, to dive into that Nutella or Cider or Sofa or Ex and never get back on track. A more realistic plan? Go with the 80/20 rule. Allow yourself some wiggle room, because life can be cray (Do people still say that? If not. We’re bringing it back). One of our Bold Betties told us last night that after maintaining veganhood for a year, she found out her neighbor was a pimp and rescued one of the girls so she had to flee the premises to avoid danger, which sent her directly to eating a cheeseburger and there was no turning back. (#carnivore). 

Some of the best advice we have heard is from our friend of Impact Founder, Kristin Darga:

Aim for at least 2 out of 3 things each day:  eating well, moving your body, sleeping at least 7 hours

We loved this simple advice and have amended it for work tasks, relationship duties, even cleaning the damn house.  2 out of 3.  Easy Peasy. Forgive the cheeseburger.

  1. Embrace the Suck and Love On!

Because it is hard.  And sometimes, the loving things we know we need to do for ourselves just suck.  They hurt (thinking burpees and pyramids and intervals here), they are unfreakingcomfortable, they are itchy and scratchy and sometimes make you feel weird in that spot behind your belly button.  And they really piss you off.  But at the core, they are about your self love…being true to yourself in a healthy way. But we have to have that balance. The elusive Unicorn Bacon of Life known as balance.  Balance of self, others, nature, the whole shebang. Balance means boundaries.  Barf!  But yay for alliteration, Bold Betties! 

Self love, as Badass Justine Musk says, “is to serve yourself through serving others – and to serve others through serving yourself – in a way that sustains you. It is to be compassionate, to make sacrifices for who and what you believe in enough to make sacred… It’s mastering the art of healthy boundaries. It’s knowing when to throw open your doors, to let in the world, and the people you desire in yours.”

Open up, let it all in and be totally uncomfortable.  Don’t you grow the most when in your dark places? (Editing this looked like that said "grow moist in your dark places" and we've been giggling for an hour).  It may be hard to see at the time, but just like Type 2 Fun, what you gain from it is powerful and full of clarity later on.  

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. To infinity and Beyond.

It’s not like we were all given a manual on ALL OF THIS (life) and filed it in a drawer and forgot about it.  There is no manual.  We don’t know everything. We have to practice.  PRACTICE.  Just like you do yoga or violin or coding or all the other things. Whether you want to talk 10,000 hours or just being present in the moment and respecting the journey and the experience, we have to practice. We have to stop being so obsessed with the end goal and forgetting the in between.  In “The Practicing Mind”, Thomas M. Sterner says, “When, instead, your goal is to focus on the process and stay in the present, then there are no mistakes and no judging. You are just learning and doing. You are executing the activity, observing the outcome, and adjusting yourself and your practice energy to produce the desired result. There are no bad emotions, because you are not judging anything.”   We are lifelong students.  In our adventures, our businesses, our relationships, ourselves. It all takes practice. So practice our course, whatever that may be. 


  1. Pretend Like Every Day is Thanksgiving

OMG, you really have to watch this video.  10 small minutes of your life for gigantic impact.

Sometimes we just get all up in our heads and we forget to be grateful for what IS.  What is now, what is right in front of us, what is our current state.  Something awesome to do is make an “I Love...” book or phone notes so that in moments of ARGH and UGH and MEH, you can remember to focus on the goodness instead of the craptasticness™ of things.  Focusing on the positive sounds so trite, but lady, it can change your entire focus on your goals.  Think about when a little ditty comes on that makes you shake your thang…find those little triggers that bring you back to what really matters.  Focus on the beautiful things and share them.


  1. SFTU and GET OUTSIDE!  Well, duh. 

It’s cold.  It’s hot.  It’s icy. It’s windy.  It’s hazy. It’s red alert on those non-breathable days.  It’s time consuming.  It’s unpredictable.  It’s all of those things.  But have you seen the INSIDE?  Ick.  Those weird lights are enough to send us into a funk.  One time, a dear friend busted in to one of our Bold Betties homes during a not-so-bold-time and threw us over their shoulder and took us on a hike to make us touch the dirt just to remind us of how big and glorious and connected we all are.  Funk. Be. Gone.  Troubles Disappear.  That blip on your radar yesterday is no more.  Tabula Rasa.  Thank you, Earth. 

Get outside, even in the brrrrr cold. Barker Reservoir Nederland, CO

Like our friend and triathlete Sonja Wieck encourages,  find your little magic moves to get your butt out there.   Just get out there.  Go big, go small, go medium…but just GO. 


So that’s it, ma ladies.  5 Things. Happy February.  Love yourself and your authenticity long time, sisters. As the glorious Natalie Cole would say, may she rest in peace, this will be an everlasting love


“Listen--are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?”
Mary Oliver   

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