Adventure in Paradise: Discover the Big Island of Hawaii in February

Adventure in Paradise: Discover the Big Island of Hawaii in February

November 09, 2017

Imagine a postcard-perfect vacation where you can explore lush, mountainous landscapes, experience a live volcano, snorkel with sea turtles, and camp on the beach – all while taking plenty of time to relax, reset, and soak in the tropical sun.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not a dream. You’re invited to join the Bold Betties for a six-day adventure on the Big Island of Hawaii, from January 31 – February 5, 2018. Led by expert guide and Navy veteran Kevin Rosenberg , this trip blends comfort and adventure, featuring two nights of rustic beach camping and three nights in a luxury oceanside hotel.

Providing an Incredible Experience is Our Mission

Rosenberg has designed an itinerary that allows you to explore all the natural wonders of the Big Island in a small group of 3 – 12 intrepid women. If the group grows to six or more, another guide, also a military vet, will be added.

Rosenberg explains why he thinks veterans make such great guides. “Adventure is in our soul,” he says. “Of course, we’re the best-trained people to have if something goes wrong. But, we’re also experienced in planning missions: doing recon, handling any contingencies, providing the best equipment and instruction on how to use it. Our mission here is to give our clients an incredible bucket list experience.”

Action-Packed Itinerary Also Provides Ample Opportunities to Chill

Hiking and ocean kayaking is great, but if you’re in Hawaii, we know you want to relax too. Never fear. Our schedule offers plenty of time for both! Highlights include:

  • Pololū Valley Hike which meanders along shoreline cliffs, culminating in a stop at a remote black sand beach
  • a full-day of outrigger canoeing/kayaking and/or beach lounging
  • a hike to Papakolea Beach, one of only two green sand beaches in the United states
  • A full-day exploring Volcanoes National Park and viewing active lava flows
  • Snorkeling at Richardson Beach

Don’t miss your chance to trade winter for endless summer this February! Plan your escape now.

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