Calling All Women Adventurers: Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Iceland

Calling All Women Adventurers: Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Iceland

October 10, 2016

As women adventurers, we strive to put ourselves in new and exciting experiences every day. Iceland is indeed an enticing getaway. One of the most beautiful places on our planet, Iceland has so much to offer to women adventurers and travelers alike. Here’s a list of information on Iceland that you may not know:

1. Iceland’s swimming culture | Going swimming in Reykjavík

There is a very rich swimming pool culture in Iceland. You can find swimming pools and hot tubs in nearly every neighborhood of Reykjavík. The adult fee is usually $5 USD, which is very cheap when considering the spa treatment you’ll receive. The swimming pools are a popular hangout for locals, so not only will you enjoy the fresh Icelandic air and weather, you will more than likely get the inside scoop into the Icelandic hangouts. Most pools have a steam room, a couple of lap pools and usually a few hot tubs. You may find a Finnish dry sauna at some, which could be a great ending to a day at the pools in Reykjavík. Here is a list of the top swimming pools in Reykjavík.

2.  There are no strip clubs in Iceland

In 2010, Iceland passed a law that banned all strip clubs, making it illegal for any business to profit off of its employee's nudity. Since then, Iceland has been on a fast track to becoming the world's leading feminist country

3.  Mosquitoes do not exist in Iceland!

Mosquitoes have never settled in the Faroe Islands or Iceland and there really is no explanation as to why. Rest assured, your time in Iceland will be bloodsucker free!

4.  You can receive a diploma in elves and become an elf historian!

54% of Icelanders believe elves exist. In fact, a member of the Icelandic Parliament had a boulder moved near his home after escaping a deadly car crash, because he believed a group of elves inside the boulder had saved his life through the use of magic. If you’d like to learn about the history of elves then elf school is for you! You’ll learn all about where these creatures live, what they look like, and even how they feel about human beings. The school fee is $55 USD, with which you will receive your study book, coffee or tea, delicious bread and pancakes with jam. For more information check out the Elf School's website here.

5.  Iceland rated most peaceful place on earth sixth year in a row

Iceland has been ranked the most peaceful place on earth for the last six years. In terms of peace, the ranking is based on the absence of violent crime, the political instability, the impact of terrorism and the number of external conflicts Iceland has fought. The Institute for Economics & Peace commissioned the report


One more fact! Why not?!

6. Every Saturday is “Nammidagur.” That’s right, “Candy Day”

Iceland is a culture of chocolate lovers. In fact, Iceland loves chocolate so much the country has a day dedicated to eating it. Every Saturday, “Nammidagur” or “Candy Day” takes place. All candy is half off, so make sure to visit some of the candy shops and get your fill.

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