Featured Leader of the Month: Tamara Maddox, Chapter Leader, Columbia, MO

Featured Leader of the Month: Tamara Maddox, Chapter Leader, Columbia, MO

July 01, 2019

Our leaders volunteer their time to host amazing adventures designed to help our members discover their own personal bold. Being a leader for Bold Betties means being a community leader and providing support to the women in their areas. Interested in being a leader? LET US KNOW!

We're introducing the leaders in our Community each month here on the Bold Betties Blog. This month, we're thrilled to introduce Tamara Maddox, Chapter Leader for Bold Betties Columbia (Missouri)! 

What made you want to be a leader for Bold Betties?
I was a member of the Springfield Missouri chapter of Bold Betties and I loved everything they did. When I moved to Columbia, I was disappointed that there were no female organizations to get other woman outside. I joined several woman meetup groups to make friends when I moved here, and they were great but lacked the outdoor element I was craving!
What has been your favorite Bold Betties event so far?
My favorite Bold Betties event was the Spring Moab trip this past May and it was TRULY life changing! We had a wonderful group of woman from all over the country who had never met, and by the end of the trip we were bonded! This trip pushed each one of us to do things we never dreamed of doing including rappelling 60 feet, mountain biking and hiking to new heights!
Join us in Moab again this fall! September 27-29, October 4-6, and October 25-29
What made that event so great?
The event went so smoothly because of the amazing guides we had, flawless planning from Bold Betties HQ, and wonderful attitudes of our entire group!
Bold Betties' mission is to help women everywhere get out of their comfort zones to discover their own bold. Can you tell us about a time where you helped one of your members do just that?
On the Bold Betties trip to Moab, several us were a bit nervous about the rappelling and we all cheered each other on. At the end, every single one of us did it and had big smiles on our faces. I had chills and tears in my eyes from the wonderful support we were all giving each other!
What adventure are you looking forward to next?
I am really looking forward to our private off trail cave tour of the Onondaga Cave in mid Missouri! This tour will push all of us to work together and support each other because it is a 4 hour tour, that will include crawling on our hands and knees, wading through water and seeing passages that the public doesn't get to see!
Local to Columbia, MO? CLICK HERE to join Tamara on her amazing Cave Tour!
What's the boldest thing you've ever done?
Backpacking Solo for 4 days in Yellowstone
What's the boldest thing you want to do?
I want to summit a 14er this year!
What's your day job?
I am kind of a Jill of all trades, I've worked in Non Profit Management, Event Coordinating, Photography and even Nannied. I currently work as the Apparel Manager at a large scale event company.
What piece of advice would you give to a Betty who has never been on a Bold Betties adventure before?
The advice I would give to a new Betty would be, push yourself past where you feel comfortable and I promise you won't regret it!
Has being a leader for Bold Betties improved your life? If so, How?
Being a leader for Bold Betties has improved my life so much! I have been able to connect to my community and so many amazing woman because of Bold Betties! I also know that this is helping me with my time management skills and multi tasking with growing our new chapter!
What's one thing you wish people knew about you?
I wish more people knew that just because I like to paint my nails sometimes, doesn't mean I don't enjoy being in the dirt and being outside.
What's one thing people would be surprised to find out about you?
I went to dog grooming school a few years ago, and now I use the skills to groom my standard poodle!
Now, get out there, and if you're in Columbia, go join one of Tamara's next events! You're going to love here as much as we do! 

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