Glamping in Moab, Redefined!

Glamping in Moab, Redefined!

September 14, 2017

Run Wild and Free with the Bold Betties in Moab

Channel your inner she-wolf and “re-wild” yourself during one of our upcoming Moab trips. Tiffany Moyer of Wild Sol will be guiding three custom retreats for us that are designed to strengthen your relationship with your spirit and the natural world.

“People are attracted to the outdoors for a reason,” says Moyer. “Because it leads us to an instinctual side of ourselves…we are using the wild landscape as a tool for self reflection. By going out to the wild we are tapping into ourselves and our psyche.”

Get Physical or Metaphysical. Your Choice

“ReWilding the Physical Self” will be held over two weekends this fall: November 3-5 and November 17 – 19. Featuring acroyoga, slacklining, morning meditation, Thai massage, and fire dancing, this joyful retreat will help you celebrate and embrace your body, regardless of size, fitness level, or coordination. And, yes, you will learn how to play with fire under the stars (safely).

“Slacklines and acroyoga will help us tune into micro-movements, bringing awareness to the body,” says Moyer. “We can revisit ourselves through this flow state.”

Seasoned instructor Michelle Griffith will be leading all yoga classes. Griffith brings a wealth of training, including 200-hour certification in yoga and bodywork, plus certifications from Acro Revolution and YogaSlackers.

For a more self-reflective experience, try “ReWilding the Inner Self,” November 10-12. During this peaceful retreat, you will literally be guided by the stars. Astrologist and life coach Shari Zollinger will prepare a personal natal chart for each participant, which will serve as a path to self-understanding. There will also be plenty of restorative yoga, meditation, hiking and reflective journaling and therapeutic acroyoga. Be kind to yourself! Pamper your body and mind in the soul-soothing company of inspiring women. You’ll return home feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and, perhaps, with a new sense of purpose.

Can’t choose? Do both! These retreats can be combined to seamlessly integrate body and mind.

Be a Happy Glamper!

Feel claustrophobic in a tent? Think thin sleeping pads are worthless on the hard, cold ground? We hear you. That’s why we’re providing an upscale “glamping” experience featuring room-size canvas tents, sleeping cots and a full camp kitchen, serving up hot, nourishing meals at all three retreats.

If you’re new to camping, these trips will serve as a gentle and supportive introduction. And with daytime temps hovering around 70 degrees and beautiful blue skies daily, November is the perfect time to visit the desert.

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