I Will Show You Mine If You Just Let Me! PLEASE!!!

I Will Show You Mine If You Just Let Me! PLEASE!!!

July 27, 2017


A few nights ago and quite unexpectedly, we received a message from a guy (let's call him Adam) in Salt Lake City.  We thought he was just being a prankster but nope, he was serious! We had a little bit of fun until it was time to end the conversation!

Read on:

Adam: Go there Niki, my name is Adam. I know that this group is only for women, although I am sincerely interested in joining as a professional male model. I know that it will be fun for the girls to draw and or paint a picture of me while I pose. 

Niki:  Oh, yes, we would love you to.  We are always looking for male models with a “trying too hard” sense of humor.  Of course, physical appearance is ultra important.  We require a height of 6' 2" at the minimum, an 8 pack of abs, weight of 175-180 lbs, size 40 jacket, ripped and at least 10 inches of length in the area that matters most.  And of course, IQ has to be below average.  It will be helpful if they can read, write and follow directions, but not required.  Are you interested?

Adam: LOL! I don't meet all of those requirements but I would still love to model for you!

Arezou: Hi there. We can be flexible on most everything but 2 requirements: below average IQ is an absolute must and 10 inches of length is non negotiable. We understand that you might not meet our requirements and we are sure you are disappointed. I have heard of a meetup group called Become The Man that is always looking for models such as yourself. You might want to check it out if you have not already.

Adam: I would still really like the opportunity to model for you!

Niki:  Hi Adam, that sounds great! I'm game. Let's pick a date and time. How does August look for you?

Adam: August is great! How about August 18th or 19th? Do your girls prefer draped or undraped? I don't really care but just want to know. Do you have Skype?

Niki: Our preference depends on your size. Can I ask a few questions? Are you a grower or a shower?

Adam: I am both depending on the season! Which day would work best? I might need to take a few hours off work.

Niki: Oh no need to take off your other gig! There's no conflict. We would like to book you for August 19, 2036

Adam: I really want the opportunity to model for you, though!

Niki: {Silence}

Adam: I would greatly appreciate this opportunity as well. :-)

Niki: {Silence}

Needless to say, we all had a great laugh at his expense.



Beth Blacker

Beth Blacker said:

OMG!!! I love this!!!! As someone who is “out there” in the dating world I can tell you that I get no less than 5 of these kind of guys reaching out to me a week. I have engaged on the same level you did just for kicks and giggles with a few and the dialogue that ensues is very entertaining…for me. Seriously, I am just amazed at their level of commitment :)
Thanks for the laughs!!!!

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