January Featured Leader of the Month - Jen Hoge, Salt Lake City

January Featured Leader of the Month - Jen Hoge, Salt Lake City

January 18, 2019

Chapter Leaders and Alpha Betties volunteer a ton of their time to plan and host unique and extraordinary adventures all over the United States. With 39 chapters and over 50,000 members, our leaders host over 200 adventures a month!

Here at Bold Betties HQ, we decided it was time to celebrate the leaders that work so hard to empower and inspire their members. Each month of 2019, we'll feature a different leader here on the blog!

We are stoked to introduce the inimitable leader from our Salt Lake City, UT Chapter, Jen Hoge!

Jen Hoge, Chapter Leader for SLC, wears a bright pink vest and fully stocked backpack while mountain biking in Moab, UT.


What made you want to be a leader for Bold Betties?

The mission behind Bold Betties and meeting members.  Also being able to give back to a community of women and help them be empowered to go out into the wilderness and see that they can do these things without a male figure to do things like start a fire, pitch a tent or even navigate at trail.  Plus the need and desire for more female friends!

What's your "day job"?


What has been your favorite Bold Betties adventure so far?

I have two! One is the last Moab trip where we rode mountain bikes and drove UTV's and the other was this last yurting trip to Dead Horse Point.


What made those events so great?

First the people on the trips. Everybody came with good attitudes and just wanting to get out there with other very strong women. During the mountain biking portion, after falling with the bike on me, I was able to get back up and finish the ride and feel good about the progress that I've made in my own personal life with some health struggles over the past couple of years. Those bruises and cuts became my badge of honor and determination which were worn proudly.

At Dead Horse Point, after spending the day hiking around we watched the sunset that night and woke up early for the sunrise and then ran over and hiked Corona Arch before heading back home. Just being out in the beauty that was that area, laying and sunning myself on the rocks under the arch and knowing that a year ago these things wouldn't have been possible.

Second, with these trips I am finding myself again each time and awakening my true personality, love and passion.

Bold Betties' mission is to help women everywhere get out of their comfort zones to discover their own bold. Can you tell us about a time where you helped one of your members do just that?

Teaching a group of women to do Stand Up Paddle boarding on a lake in the High Uinta's. I got a few of them to stand and paddle around before they took a dip in the freezing cold waters. 

What adventures are you looking forward to next?

Starting new chapters in my life. Taking my Wilderness First Responder class.



What is the BOLDEST thing you've ever done?

Hitch hiked throughout the Pacific Northwest from Utah, up into Washington, down in Oregon, across the Idaho Panhandle and down through Montana to get back to Utah. (Not sure whether this was the boldest or stupidest thing I've ever done). Oh and I did this under the age of 18.
As an adult, eating fermented shark followed by what I would describe as the worst shot of schnapps imaginable. Twice.. because once just wasn't enough of a lesson learned.


What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?


That I have two adult children and the one that is married is having a baby and making me a grandmother.... And I'm refusing to be called any form of "grandma" "grandmother" or my son's favorite "grand mum".



What piece of advice would you give to a Betty who has never been on a Bold Betties adventure before?


Do it! You won't regret the adventure/experience. You'll meet new people, make new connections and learn more about yourself by pushing those limits past what you would expect that you could ever do.


How has being a leader for Bold Betties impacted your life?


It's gotten me out of my shell that I was starting to become comfortable in. Before, I used to not go out and do something because I couldn't find anyone to go with me and now if I want to do something, I will, regardless of whether anyone joins me or not.



Thanks so much to Jen for being a fantastic leader and for being an awesome human!


If YOU are interested in being a leader for Bold Betties, let us know! CLICK HERE to fill out an application!

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