New Year Resolution Progress Report: Tubing My Bold Out

New Year Resolution Progress Report: Tubing My Bold Out

January 30, 2017


Being a mom of a four-year-old, super cute, super smart boy and being an entrepreneur leaves little room for extracurricular activities.  I do my best to uphold my new-year resolutions: take the stairs instead of the elevator, do yoga, run, walk, jump, hike, etc. But I have to admit, I had yet to do anything BOLD.  Until this past Sunday!  My family and I were at the #DevilsThumbRanch for the weekend.  We rode horses, fed them, hiked in snow and enjoyed the beauties of the ranch and the surroundings.  But I must admit, it wasn't until I decided to snow-tube (this is after years of not having done it) in a child-size tube, that I remembered how much fun it is to face your fears and to re#DiscoverYourBold.  Okay, I know, you are probably thinking that is not much of anything.  Well, okay, maybe!  But for me, letting myself be completely out of control (I am usually calm, cool and collected) and looking like a novice in tubing of all things was BOLD!  And Fun!

And hence, we will be offering Snow Tubing experiences on our site, inviting all of you to Tube Your Bold Out!  Stay tuned! 


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