Our Leaders' Favorite Adventures of 2018!

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December 26, 2018

Bold Betties has had an exciting year filled with our most diverse adventure offerings yet, thanks mostly to our inspiring leadership teams! 

With 39 chapters across the country, our Chapter Leaders and Alpha Betties work hard to plan unique and thrilling adventures for our members! Let's take a look at how 2018 played out in our local chapters by asking our leaders their favorite adventures!



1. Kristen Anusewicz, Co-Chapter Leader, Ft. Collins, CO

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Amazon Adventures with Paul Rosalie 

"Bold Betties taking a mud bath in an Amazonian river that was filled with caimans, piranhas, stingrays, and snakes. We all survived to tell the tale!"

We're headed to the Amazon again next year! CLICK HERE to find out more and to sign up!

A group of women covered in mud and happy in the Amazon River!


2. Lena Krug, Chapter Leader, Bold Betties NYC

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Skeet Shooting Cabin Weekend

"The many moments of joy spent in the outdoors with amazing bold women add up to a happy life!"

Group of happy women sitting around a big table in a cabin in the woods

3. Karen Vintar, Alpha Betty, Bold Betties Boise

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Trail Restoration Project, Cascade, Idaho

"Bold Betties from Boise believe in giving back to the trails we love so much, and what better way to do that than to do some trail restoration work, with the added bonus of learning to use axes, polaskis, and 100 year old cross cut saws?  The work was hard but incredibly rewarding!"

Want to find more local adventures? Find your local chapter and get involved!

5 women using a 100 year old crosscut saw to clear a trail in Cascade, Idaho!




4. Laura Feeney, Community Manager and Chapter Leader, Bold Betties Boise

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Havasu Falls, AZ: Guided Backpacking Trip

"I expected to be blown away by the scenery, and I definitely was, but even more impressive was the amazing group of women who joined us. They made me feel like I could do anything and we helped each other through every single obstacle. A seriously life changing experience!"

Read more about Laura's experience in Havasupai HERE!

Check out our 2019 Guided Backpacking trip to Havasupai HERE!

A group of women at the bottom of a 200 foot waterfall looking happy and triumphant!


5. Heather Gossel, Co-Chapter Leader, Bold Betties Ft. Collins

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Rocky Mountain NP, Guided Fly Fishing Adventure

"Here fishy fishy! Bold Betties learned to fly fish in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado!"

Ft. Collins has a ton of great stuff going on! CLICK HERE to see their latest survival skills hike!

A group of women standing in a valley holding fly fishing gear in Rocky Mountain National Park!


6. Eddy Zuber, Chapter Leader, Bold Betties Triad (North Carolina)

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Stand Up Paddleboarding

Wet and wind-blown and still smiling! It was a difficult day for normally chill stand-up paddleboarding, but we pulled it off, including the four Betties front and center, who were all first-time SUPers.

Don't have a chapter in your local area? Let us know! Go HERE to apply to be a chapter leader and to launch your own chapter!

A large group of women holding their arms up in "strong" poses, wearing pfd's and beside paddle boarding equipment!  

7. Jen Hoge, Co-Chapter Leader, Bold Betties SLC

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Kodachrome State Park Camping Trip

"When you arrive at your campsite and the ranger tells you that you have “the best view of the park” from your campsite and this is what you see.  Talk about starting the trip out right!"

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A scenic view of Kodachrome State Park in Utah!

8. Kate Clark, Chapter Leader, Bold Betties Big Bend (That's Tallahassee,FL y'all!)

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Full Moon paddle down the Wakulla River

A smiling group of women beside Wakulla river with their kayaks and headlamps on!

9. Celia Nowicki, Chapter Leader, Bold Betties Charlotte

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Westcliffe Horse Retreat in Colorado

"The Westcliffe Horse retreat was awesome! Yes, we did more than fish at the private trout pond, but the reason this pic is so special to me is that two ladies went out for a dusk fishing trek with me! We crawled under the barbwire gate because the code we had was wrong and heard coyotes in the distance. But these two ladies wanted to catch their first fish EVER on a fly rod and I was bound and determined once I saw them face first in the dirt crawling under that fence. So sure enough, with our phone flashlights and a bit of country luck, both ladies hooked into fish and then we headed back home to shoot a spot of whiskey in congratulations!"

A triumphant chapter leader making a silly face and showing off a beautiful fresh caught fish!

10. Kelsey Woods, Chapter Leader, Bold Betties Portland

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Whitewater Rafting

"The best part of our whitewater trip was the variety of women we had. Different ages and backgrounds and tastes. We finished the day camping together playing games and eating camp food. Sharing a tent with a Betty you've never met is an amazing experience!"

Checkout out the Bold Betties Blog to read more about our chapters and their great adventures!

A group of women in a raft with pfd's and paddles having a great time!

11. Jill Davis, Co-Chapter Leader, Bold Betties Denver

Favorite 2018 Adventure: HikYoga!

"Stay inside? No, namaste on the top of this mountain."

HikYoga events are always an amazing time! Checkout the next one by clicking HERE!

A group of women striking yoga poses on top of a mountain viewpoint in Colorado!

12. Sommer Rains, Co-Founder and COO of Bold Betties

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Costa Rica and Adventure Retreat

"Costa Rica 2018 with the Bold Betties! Such an amazing adventure. Pura Vida!!"

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Four smiling women in Costa Rica!

13. Sharolyn Kinneman, Alpha Betty, Bold Betties Portland

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Tamawanas Fall Hike

"The Bold Betties Portland Chapter at the base of Tamawanas Falls after an active hike through rock and forest! After this photo was taken by our photographer, Seth Payseur, the Betties got even bolder and climbed the rocks behind the waterfall, giving us all an true feeling of community and adventure."

A group of exuberant women hiking to the bottom of the waterfall and posing cheerfully!

14. Kim Heagle, Chapter Leader, Bold Betties Madison

Favorite 2018 Adventure: New Glarus Woods Snow Hike and Brewery Stop

"Bold Betties Madison doesn't let snow and cold hold them back! Feb hike in WI, 15 degrees, windy but made better with a stop at New Glarus brewery after a couple mile hike."

Bold Betties Madison hosts the BEST archery events! Local to the area and want in on the fun? CLICK HERE to check it out!

A group of women around a State Park sign during a winter snow hike!


15. Niki Koubourlis, Founder and CEO of Bold Betties

Favorite 2018 Adventure: Moab, UT: Mountain Biking and UTV Adventure

"Bold Betties Moab trips are always the best! The colors and the views are always spectacular but the women who go with us are really what make the trips so special. It's hard not to feel like a badass when you're riding the trails in Moab!"

We're revamping our Moab trips and we're inviting YOU to come with us! Check out the brand new 2019 Moab experiences: April 26-28, May 3-5, and May 9-14!

A group of women of all ages during a mountain biking trip, overlooking Moab, UT with arms outstretched and smiles on their faces!




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