Make Your New Year's Resolution About Adventure Travel

Make Your New Year's Resolution About Adventure Travel

November 08, 2017

2018 is right around the corner and if your new-year resolution does not contain going on adventure travel (a weekend camping trip or a multi-week expedition to Antarctica), you should most definitely make it as such!


Let's face it, losing 10 pounds and calling aunt Emma more often as new-year resolutions haven't worked out all that well and they never will as they have fleeting affects and they are often triggered by societal pressures.


Adventure travel, on the other hand, transforms you for life! Research and facts are clear! Adventure is good for your body, your soul and of course your looks!


Here are the top 5 psychological and physiological benefits of adventure travel:


  1. Brain development

Hiking or walking grows the brain! Typically, our hippocampus (the center of emotion, memory, and the autonomic nervous system) shrinks as we hit our 50s. However, researchers have identified that hiking for 40 minutes a day for a year grows the hippocampus by at least 2%. Hiking adventures keep us mentally sharp.


  1. Resilience

We become resilient! Adventure travel is not a Disneyland ride! It rains when we don’t expect it, wind blows away our tent and we have to adjust our plans on moment’s notice. By placing ourselves in such situations, we learn to cope with whatever life throws at us. Divorce, illness, job loss, bring it on! We are more than ready!


  1. Self-reflection

Despite the fleeting satisfaction of acquiring a new object, adventure travel memories remain in our minds for life. We often bring back such memories as we reminisce and hence we relive the experience. And as we do so, we are reminded of the profound lessons in life that the adventure brought to life.


  1. Health benefits

Outdoor activities prevent and often treat variety of heath problems. Park Prescriptions are becoming more and more prevalent across the country and are used to enable management and treatment of variety of physiological challenges ranging from high blood pressure to stress to ADHD. Adventure travel takes Park Prescriptions to a new level.


  1. Self-esteem

You become more confident and self-reliant! It has been shown that adventure travel has an addictive element. Once you feel the contentment from a weekend backpacking trip or immersing yourself in a completely new culture, your soul will demand more! And each time, you will discover a new you who is more confident, inspiring and self-reliant.


So this year, we invite you to make Adventure Travel your single New Year's resolution. Research shows that focusing on one resolution rather than several will give you much higher likelihood of success. Research also shows that having an accountability buddy will help you stay committed. Betties across the nation are your accountability buddies. You don’t have to go on the adventure by yourself, you have a community of over 60,000 Betties that will keep you honest and will help you enjoy the benefits of adventure travel.

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