Unplug and Unwind during our New Year’s Mexican Escape

Unplug and Unwind during our New Year’s Mexican Escape

November 08, 2017

Release pent-up holiday stress and residual anxiety from the past year while you pamper your body and soul on our Healthy Reset Retreat, January 10-14, 2018.

Imagine sinking into the peaceful, mountainous landscape of Mexico’s Central Pacific Coast as you recharge and set your intentions for a prosperous and joyful 2018. Perched on the shore of the Santa Maria del Oro crater lagoon, The Volcan Laguna eco-resort is a world away from the daily grind. Encircled by the forested Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, this private retreat sets the stage for deep rest and renewal. The resort is blissfully Wi-Fi-free, allowing you to easily tune out the noise of everyday life and tune into the breathtaking wilderness around you.

A Perfect Balance of Activity and Stillness

We’ve designed a retreat that’s just your speed. Want to hike, kayak, or enjoy an invigorating yoga class. Cool. Want to schedule a massage, take a lazy swim, or veg out with that novel you’ve been dying to read? That’s cool too. Every day is completely customizable based on your mood. Practice saying “yes” to what you want and “no” to everything else. The key to a perfect vacation is in your hands.

Cleanse Your Body with Fresh, Nutritious Food

Our Healthy Reset Retreat includes three gourmet vegan meals a day: a buffet spread of raw salads, homemade nut cheeses, and ayurvedic specialities seasoned with gut-healing spices and herbs. You might even find you drop a few holiday pounds, after five days on a nourishing, plant-powered diet.

Clear Your Head with a Diverse Schedule of Yoga and Meditation

Even if you’ve never meditated a day in your life, experienced instructors will help guide you towards inner peace. The daily schedule features a mix of classes, from energizing Vinyasa to restorative Hatha yoga. All yoga and meditation classes are included in the price.

Let the warm Mexican sunshine melt your cares away as you plot your course for the upcoming year. Join us for our Healthy Reset Retreat and find calm, inspiration, and as much adventure as your heart desires.

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