Nemo Nomad™ Air 30XL Sleeping Matress

$ 199.95

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Nomad™ the intelligent alternative to the inflatable mattress. Inflates quickly to 6 inches with built in footpump. Link two together to make a queen-sized bed, allowing you to create a luxurious camping experience.

  • Two link together to make a full queen-sized bed, for a luxurious camping experience.
    • Toggles link the mattresses and keep them securely together.
  • Compared to other high volume camping mats that require a 12V or battery powered pump, Nomad™ has a built-in, high speed, large capacity foot pump.The large Pillow baffle™ at the head end of the pad ensures that your pillow doesn't slide off in the middle of the night, and gives a couple extra inches of height for supreme sleeping comfort.
  • Dual dump valves mean quick deflation, the micro adjust valve ensures your desired firmness.


Included Accessories:
  • Compression Strap
  • Drawstring Stuff Sack
  • Repair Kit