FAQs | Bold Betties

How does Bold Betties rental policy work?

In a nutshell: Get stuff, get outside and have fun! When you place your order, your credit card will be charged for the total rental fee.

Change of plans? You can cancel or make changes to your order up to 7 days prior to the rental period. Your credit card will be adjusted accordingly.

Do you need to extend your rental period? Good for you! It’s super easy, just send us an email or call 1-844-BETTIES and we can extend the rental at the daily rate. That is, as long as the items have not already been reserved by another Betty.

Rentals should be shipped back to us within 48 hours of your rental period expiration. Any rentals not shipped out within this time frame will be subject to a late fee, equal to 10% of your total rental fee per day.

For the details and fine print, please see the Rental Agreement.


When should I reserve my rental?

You can reserve your rental from 6 months to 5 business days before you need it.

HINT: Be Bold! The earlier you make your reservation the better.


I’m reserving my rental months in advance. When will you charge me?

Your credit card will be charged for the total rental fee upon placing your order. You can cancel or make changes to that order up to 7 days prior to the start of the rental period.


What if I need to cancel my order?

No problem. Hopefully it’s because something really “wow!” worthy happened in your life! But whatever the reason might be, our goal is to provide the best customer service anywhere. You can cancel your order for a full refund or store credit, whichever is better for you, up to 7 days before the start of the rental period.


What if my rental gear arrives damaged?

At Bold Betties, we want our gear to help you see the world, so it means the world to us that your gear arrives in adventure shape! We inspect all items when they are returned and then again before we send them to you.

Rental gear should never arrive damaged unless the shipping company decided to “rough it” and something happened to the package on its journey to you.

But life wouldn’t be an adventure without obstacles. And at Bold Betties, making sure you have an awesome experience is our number one priority.   If anything is wrong with your order when it arrives, please call us at 1-844-BETTIES or send us an email immediately and we will solve it as fast as possible.


What if I lose or damage my rental gear?

What happened? Was it bears? If it was bears, good job on such a swift escape!

We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable. The insurance fee of 2.5% covers normal wear and tear, but significant damage and theft is not covered under insurance. Normal wear and tear includes minor stains, rips, missing or malfunctioning zippers or other minor damage. These things are covered under the insurance fee you paid as part of the rental fee. If a product is lost or returned in a condition beyond normal wear and tear, we will charge your card for the price of repair or replacement (at our wholesale rates).


When will my order arrive?

When you place your order, you get to pick the rental period. This is the first full day in which you intend to use the items through the last full day.   Our policy is to have the items delivered to you at least 2 days prior to the first day of your rental period. This will give you time to inspect and try on the items prior to using them.


Who do I contact if I have an issue with my order?

If you have ANY issue with your order, please send us an email or call 1-844-BETTIES.


What if my stuff doesn’t arrive in time or gets lost in the mail?

Your rental package will arrive at least 2 days prior to the date your rental period begins. Within 24 hours of placing your order, you should receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information. You will be able to track its location during transit with the tracking number provided. If you lose this email, simply log into your Bold Betties account, view prior orders and you can find the tracking information there. If your package has not arrived on time, contact Bold Betties immediately at 1-844-BETTIES or send us an email. It is our priority to ensure that you have a great experience, both renting and using the Bold Betties products, and we will work with you to make sure your needs are met.


I like what I’m renting…can I just buy it from Bold Betties instead of returning it?

Yes! If you like what you are renting, please send us an email and we can quote you a specific rate for keeping the items. The rate will reflect normal retail rate less an adjustment for the age, condition and number of times rented. In addition, we will deduct the amount you paid to rent the item. You can then choose if you’d like to purchase the items at that rate or return them.


How do I return my order?

When you are done with your rental items, simply put them back in the box in which they arrived. Your package included a return shipping label. Affix this to the box (ensuring you cover the old shipping label) and drop off with the relevant carrier or contact them to pick it up. If you lost the return shipping label, send us an email and we will send you another label. Your return package must be shipped out within 48 hours of the expiration of your rental period. If you would like to extend your rental period, please send us an email or call 1-844-BETTIES and we can extend at the daily rate. If the return package is not shipped out within 48 hours, late fees will apply. See Rental Agreement for details.


Does Bold Betties carry any men’s products?

Bold Betties does not carry any apparel for men at this time. We do have unisex products (such as backpacks, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, etc.) that men can rent. However, you never know what additional inventory we might have access to, so please send us an email with any questions you may have in this regard.


Will Bold Betties expand to carry additional items?

Absolutely! As of June 2014, Bold Betties is in Beta mode. We will expand our product selection to meet the needs of our customers. If there are specific products you would like to see, please send us an email with your suggestions.


Will Bold Betties  ship outside the US?

Yes!   Bold Betties will ship to locations outside the US. International shipping rates will apply.


Bold Betties rocks! How can I get involved?

There are several ways to get involved with Bold Betties  including:

1)     Join the Bold Betties Community forum!

2)     Become a content contributor and share your stories, pictures and videos of your awesome adventures

3)     Lead or join a Bold Betties Meetup group in your area

4)     Send us an email with any other ideas you have


I don’t see my question listed here. How can I get my question answered?

Feel free to send us an email or call 1-844-BETTIES with ANY questions you have.


I heard there was an awesome Meetup group for Bold Betties in Colorado. How do I join?

It is awesome! To join, you must be an adult female. Go to http://www.meetup.com/Bold-Betties/ to check out our upcoming excursions. Membership to the Bold Betties Meetup group is free.


Is there a Bold Betties Meetup group near me? If not, can I start one?

Currently the only Bold Betties Meetup group is in Colorado. If you are interested in becoming a Bold Betties Meetup organizer in your home city, please send us an email.


I have some ideas to enhance the Bold Betties experience. Who should I tell?

Great! We love hearing from fellow Bold Betties about how we can improve the overall experience and we welcome – and encourage – your feedback. Please send us an email or call 1-844-BETTIES.