Meet Our Chapter Leaders and Alpha Betties | Bold Betties
Meet Our Chapter Leaders & Alpha Betties
Saylor |  Alpha Betty  | Denver, CO

Saylor is a Digital Marketer, Adventurer and Dog Mama. When she’s not helping clients with marketing strategy, analytics and engagement tactics, you’ll find her and her yellow lab, Cairo, exploring the outdoors with their GoPro. Saylor is an advocate for mentorship and serves on the non-profit board of the Colorado American Marketing Association. Look for her at one of our Bold Betties meetups – she’s the one most likely to be mixing margaritas at the campsite and setting marshmallows on fire. Ahoy!

Susanna | Alpha Betty | Denver, CO

Susanna is a knowledge-hungry adventurer, eager to learn new skills and take on the outdoors.  When she’s not executing business strategy or consulting with clients, she is practicing her climbing knots, planning an outdoor excursion or training for her next challenge (Mt. Rainier and the Canyonlands Half Marathon were her two goals in 2016). Susanna is an advocate for mentorship and serves as a mentor for undergrads at CU Boulder through the Professional Mentorship Program. Her meet-up events will focus on furthering outdoor education and skills and pushing you to defy your own expectations. Adventure on!

Jessie Wright | Chapter Leader | Fort Collins, CO

Having always had a love for animals, I earned my degree in veterinary technology from the University of Cincinnati. I’ve been fortunate enough to take my degree (and passion for what I do) and move around the country. I currently work in an emergency and critical care veterinary hospital when I’m not out rocking it with the Bold Betties. At many events, you can find me with my furry sidekick, Albert. 

I found the Bold Betties just after moving to Fort Collins and it was like finding my home. Not only have I always loved athletics, but I love planning events. And on top of that, I sincerely LOVE helping others conquer their fears. There’s not a lot that I won’t do, and I like to help instill that fearlessness in others. I’m a social butterfly and this group of beautiful women who encourage each other just empowers me to want to do more. 


Lindsey |  Alpha Betty | Denver, CO

An enthusiastic (yet mediocre) hiker, skier, backpacker and general do-er of outdoor things, Lindsey has had the privilege of calling Colorado her home since birth. Recognizing the need for safety and education in the backcountry, Lindsey recently became Wilderness First Aid certified and will soon be graduating from Wilderness Trekking School through the Colorado Mountain Club. You’ll most likely find her car already parked at a trailhead at sunrise during the summer, or on the slopes of Mary Jane all winter long. One of her favorite activities is introducing people to her favorite Colorado spots, just don’t tell anyone about her secret stashes! 

Angie |  Chapter Leader | Bend, OR

I’m Angie, a PROUD mom to a 2-year-old, and a Marine Corps spouse. I’ve been a triathlete for six years now, and enjoy REDEFINING ATHLETICISM! I may not be the fastest, but I’m all heart when I’m racing. I love experiencing new things, and meeting new people who share the same passion as me. I work for a non-profit organization that helps our military veterans and military spouses find employment, while helping within the military community as much as I can. When not working, my time is dedicated to my family and creating memories.


Tena |  Chapter Leader | San Diego, CA

Based in San Diego, I am an Outdoor Enthusiast, Multimedia Developer/Artist, Woodworker and a true ENFP (3|leaning on introvert)…all around, Yellow Gypsy, extremely OCD on positive hobbies. When not “working”, I choose to spend a majority of time immersed in outdoor playtime, in the company of good friends, finding fun productive outdoor initiatives to support my fellow sisters embrace their inner “Bold” as well as push out my introversion through wander lusting new adventures that tends to be documented through my story telling.