We are a female founded and operated company,
and we are here to change the face of adventure.

Our Story

Bold Betties® began as a Colorado Meetup group of women exploring the outdoors together. Women in all different stages of life. All shapes, colors, ages, and skill sets. Some married, some single. Some wealthy, some scraping by, some in the middle.

So what did they all have in common?

A hunger.

A hunger for adventure. For exploration. For pushing boundaries and learning something new. For getting outside that comfort zone with a variety of experiences. For spending that magical time with other authentic, passionate, women and get away from the daily grind.

Adventure comes in many forms, but it always delivers transformation. And the experience is made richer when shared with other like-minded women. We thrive in tribes and we feed off the support and accomplishment of others as well as ourselves. We believe we’re all at our best when connected to nature, to ourselves, and to others...and when we’re part of something bigger. We relish the wild and what it teaches us…and we respect ourselves and others more when we explore it. And we are absolutely gaga over how the restorative power of nature helps us find ourselves when we’re adrift.

We respect wild things. Especially when they’re us.

Our community of wild women will always be at the core of what we are doing. They are everything. They inspire us, move us, challenge us, delight us and bring us to tears (happy ones) daily.  We’ve learned so much from our community about what our larger mission is: to help change the face of adventure by getting more women outside and providing them with the inspiration, gear, apparel, and planning to make that happen.

We are building an adventure platform for women to help make it easier to GET OUTSIDE. By women, for women. All women. The profound impact our journeys have had on all of us was way too magical not to share it with others!

How will we do this?

  • Eliminate the intimidation factor. We are curating tips, hacks, lists, reviews, plans, lessons learned, and adventure tales from our community of women to help get rid of the UGH and give you some AAH.
  • Make it affordable. Hey, it's your planet, you deserve to explore it, regardless of your budget. We rent gear and apparel for your adventures so you can try it before investing in a new activity.  Also, our negotiated programs with vendors and brand partnerships get our community lower rates on our excursions and trips, plus access to demo products and gear. Also, swag, baby!
  • Provide a community of adventuresses.  Women connect both online and offline through our social platforms, online forum,
  • Ironically, use technology to get women away from the screens and into the outdoors.

We firmly believe that being outdoorsy doesn’t mean that you have to be ripped and hanging from a cliff, it doesn’t mean you have to wear certain things or look a certain way, be a specific size or be in elite outdoor groups.  We don’t think it’s all about mountaintop selfies. We love gorgeous photography and social media, but it’s there to capture our experiences, not guide them. We love the authenticity of nature and we respect her by giving it back.  That means we are sometimes frightened, nervous, awestruck, overwhelmed, brought to laughter, and brought to tears by her beauty and the challenges it brings to us.  And our favorite way to experience that is with other wickedly adventurous women.   

We are a female owned and led company.

And we are here to change the face of adventure.




Leadership Team


Every major life decision I made up until 2012 was motivated by a desire for security. The career I chose, the schools I went to, and the man I married were all based on a desire for security. But when I had built that secure little world, I found it wasn’t enough. My life lacked purpose and passion. So I left that secure life behind and moved to Colorado for a life of adventure. And what an adventure it has been. Since leaving my 80+ hour workweeks behind, I have spent a lot of time outdoors, trying new things, seeing new places and making new friends. I am not your stereotypical hardcore, accomplished outdoorswoman. In fact some might describe me as more of a girly girl. I like to wear heels, makeup and dresses. I really like looking cute! And I LOVE being a woman. But I discovered that it doesn’t really matter what I am doing outdoors or if I am any good at it. If I am with the right people, I always enjoy trying new things, gaining new skills and building new relationships. That is why I founded Bold Betties and Bold Betties Outfitters. For all the women out there who want to try new things, see new places and make new friends.


I am a lover of anything from the 80s. A professional singer (only in my car). A little bit OCD, but a lot rock n roll. An equal opportunity wine drinker. There are no terrible books, only terrible writers (yeah, think on that one for a minute). I’m passionate about the mission of Bold Betties and constantly in awe of the amazing community of women that I’m proud to share the Bold Betties name with! We’re doing awesome things – together. #DiscoverYourBold