Can Men Participate in Bold Betties Activities?

Bold Betties has the mission of connecting females (along any part of the spectrum) to take the intimidation out of adventure and to connect them with each other. Many women sign up for these events specifically because it encourages female bonding and community. We all love the supportive men in our lives, but typically only invite men and children to certain events and not by default.

Is there a minimum age to become a member of Bold Betties?

Yes! 18.

What is the typical age of participants in Bold Betties events?

We have Betties from all walks of life and all ages in our activities. Our youngest Betty is 18 years old and our oldest is 84. If you are older than 18 and a woman, you are in!

Do I need to be physically fit to join Bold Betties?

Absolutely not! Though there might be some experiences that we specifically require certain physical abilities, those are generally few. We are about taking intimidation out of adventure for every woman, every size, every ability and every age! Join us!

I have some ideas to enhance the Bold Betties experience. Who should I tell?

Great! We love hearing from fellow Bold Betties about how we can improve the overall experience and we welcome – and encourage – your feedback. Please send us an email or call 1-844-BETTIES.

Who is a Chapter Leader?

Chapter leaders are community leaders who want to volunteer to lead adventures for other women, build community, and - big picture - disrupt the status quo wherein husbands/boyfriends/dads are the primary instigators for exposure to the outdoors and adventure.

Who is an Alpha Betty?

Alpha Betties are also community leaders who want to volunteer to lead adventures for other women, but they are assisting the Chapter Leaders in selecting the adventures, organizing and leading those for their communities.

How do I become a Chapter Leader?

Please click on this link and provide us with the information we are requesting. We will be in touch with you about the next steps in the process.

How do I become an Alpha Betty?

You first have to attend at least two Bold Betties events in your local chapter. You then need to connect with your local chapter leader and let her know of your interest. We put a great amount of trust in our chapter leaders and give them complete autonomy in selecting their Alpha Betties.

What are different TRIP STYLES that Bold Betties offers?

Bohemian Comfort - Authentic and true immersive experience! Sleep in tents, eat simple, delicious and healthy food and get cozy and intimate with your fellow Betties! Might have to arrange some things on your own such as ground transportation or do a more extensive preparation than you might in other trip styles*

Convenient Comfort – Minimum effort on your part! Sleep in a room which you might share with one other Betty, eat prepared meals that are hearty and healthy and prepare minimally as the rest is provided. In most cases, ground transportation is included*

Luxury Comfort - Just show up and the rest is covered. Sleep with comfort in a nice bed with luxury linen, eat gourmet food, drink wonderful wine and get plenty of rest before your full day of adventure. Ground transportation is included and all of your gear is provided*

*Air transportation is not included in Bold Betties adventures

What are different ADVENTURE LEVELS that Bold Betties offers?

This is a great entry level trip for newcomers or Betties looking build confidence outdoors. Expect 2-5 hours of activity a day on mostly flat or slightly hilly terrain with the occasional steep and/or uneven trail. You'll travel approximately 4-6 miles per day and experience moderate elevation/altitude changes.

Moderately difficult featuring more hills and mountain terrain, but still accessible for Betties inexperienced in outdoor adventure. Expect 4-6 hours of activity covering up to 10 miles a day. Expect steep and uneven trails and altitudes up to 10,000 ft.

Challenging adventures for Betties who are fit adventurers and possess a basic skill set for the outdoors. Expect 5-8 hours of activity per day over a variety of exposed terrain and steep uneven trails. Distances up to 12 miles per day and altitudes up to 14,000 ft.

Designed for the most experienced Betties who are outdoor adventuring on a regular basis and in good physical shape. You'll be taken to remote locations over exposed, uneven terrain, requiring 10+ hours of activity per day and distances of 12+ miles. Altitudes could exceed 14,000 ft.

Bold Betties rocks! How can I get involved?

There are several ways to get involved with Bold Betties including:

  1. Join a Bold Betties Chapter!
  2. Become a content contributor and share your stories, pictures and videos of your awesome adventures by sending us an email, liking us on Facebook and everything else in between!
  3. Send us an email with any other ideas you have

I don’t see my question listed here. How can I get my question answered?

Feel free to send us an email or call 1-844-BETTIES with ANY questions you have.