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GLAMPING Weekend in Moab with Bold Betties & Front Range Climbing Co Apr 21-23 2017

by: Bold Betties

Who we are and What we Do

We are a community of women that have one thing in common: the desire to defy our own limits, indoors and outdoors. We explore, we push, we persevere and we support. We never give up on ourselves or each other. We know that women in the wild make for strong, independent and courageous leaders. We are mothers, sisters, wives, partners, friends and just general badasses. And we want YOU to become a part of our tribe! What are you waiting for? Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Betty! Join us on this trip!


That’s right ladies, I said “Glamping”! Join Bold Betties for the first awesome Moab weekend of the season with Front Range Climbing CO.

Don’t want to have to worry about setting up a tent, sleeping on the ground or packing extra warm clothes for sleeping on the ground? Well, we’ve partnered with Under Canvas to provide an awesome tent experience with beds AND heaters! We've secured the Safari with 4 twins tents.

We’re offering our same epic climbing and canyoneering experience in Moab, but adding a little “Glamp” to the weekend.

This trip is limited to 8 people max and is first come-first served! 

Moab Canyoneering

‘Canyoneering’ is a term used to describe a more technical version of hiking. To be ‘canyoneering’ you must require some technical descents into chambers, possibly some swimming, easy climbing and scrambling. It’s one part hiking, one part rappelling, and one part parkour.  Our canyon is 3 miles long with two long rappels and 5-8 small obstacles we’ll need teamwork to navigate across.

This trip offers world-class selfie opportunities, high angle adrenaline pumping action, and a very low ability requirement.

Moab Climbing and Rope Swings

It has been said that a person could climb a route in Moab every day for the rest of their life and never climb the same thing twice. The Mecca of climbing and desert sports, Moab offers something for everyone. We will take you to a few climbing areas to test your skills (don’t worry, no climbing experience is needed.) On one such adventure we climb Looking Glass rock, an amphitheater with a window at the back. (imagine a bowl turned on its side an sunk halfway into the desert floor.) Then we rappel off the lip of the bowl… a free hanging 160 ft rappel. To make it that much better, we pull the ropes up inside the amphitheater and jump off a ledge on the inside. Going for a 200 ft rope swing!

This trip offers some of the best activities Moab has available, don’t miss out!

Here are the deets:

Meet at noon at the Golden Park & Ride (605 Johnson Road). Overnight parking is allowed.  

Transportation has been arranged and we will all be riding together in a van so no need to worry about driving or traffic!  Please either eat lunch in advance or bring your lunch for the drive.  Lunch will not be provided.

We will drive to Moab where we will have a fun night around the campfire.


We will wake up, have breakfast and head out for a fun day of canyoneering and rappelling (with an awesome rope swing!).  In the PM, we will have dinner and, of course, WINE, at camp.


We will wake up, have breakfast, and get some world-famous Moab rock climbing in!  We will head back to Denver around 2 or 3 PM.


Pretty much everything!  Specifically the following:

  • Round Trip Transportation from Golden Park & Ride
  • Large, cabin style safari tent with bed and heater!!
  • Dinner Friday Night
  • Breakfast Saturday Morning
  • Climbing, canyoneering & rope swing adventures (guides, helmets, climbing shoes, ropes and harnesses included)
  • Lunch Saturday
  • Dinner Saturday
  • Breakfast Sunday
  • Lunch Sunday



Each Betty is responsible for:

  • Any additional camping equipment you want (no need to worry about camp kitchen items)
  • Clothing
  • Snacks
  • Dinner on Sunday (we will stop somewhere quick on the road on the way home)
  • Gratuity for Guides - they are absolutely fantastic!!



$425 per person

Cancellation policy:

80% refund if cancelled 8 or more days in advance of start of trip

No refund if cancelled 7 or less days in advance of start of trip

Any additional questions? 

Please feel free to reach out to Sommer at or contact Isaac at the Front Range Climbing Co at

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