Nemo Rhapsody™ 15 Down Sleeping Bag

$ 399.95

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The Rhapsody™ Spoon™ shaped 3-season backpacking bag with stretch stitching, adds room at the elbows and knees, perfect for side sleeping. Featuring 750fp DownTek™ down and a waterproof breathable footbox, Rhapsody™ rejects the notion that protection from the elements, lightweight, and comfort are mutually exclusive.

  • The Spoon™ Shape allows room for sidesleepers knees to naturally bend and shift throughout the night. There’s also enough room to sit comfortably in a cross legged position.
  • The Blanket Fold™ provides tucked-in comfort
  • The Pillow Pocket allows a jacket or extra clothes to be stuffed into the sleeve opening for a handy pillow on the go.
  • The Blanket Fold™ provides tucked-in comfort.
  • Insotect FlowGates™ prevent the downwards movement of insulation, while still allowing for intentional redistribution of down.
  • Insotect Flow™ vertical baffling prevents cold spots from occurring due to sideways migration of down.

Included Accessories:

  • Cotton Storage Bag
  • Drawstring Stuff Sack